Partnership Opportunity

ServiceUptime is glad to give partnership opportunities to companies and individuals who are interested in utilizing website monitoring service. We are also open for suggestions and would be glad to discuss your own partnership program with ServiceUptime.
ServiceUptime partnership discount
Currently, by partnering with ServiceUptime, you can give your clients and visitors one more reason to signup with you as we give partnership discount to our partners clients. All you need to do is give a coupon code to your user in order to obtain 3-10% discount for ServiceUptime monitoring services.

Website uptime is of critical importance to my business. I run several websites, all of which have some form of ecommerce running on them 24/7. If my site goes offline, I NEED to know about it as soon as possible. With ServiceUptime monthly service my company has the peace of mind, knowing that we will be alerted to any downtime on any of our sites and services.

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