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Free website monitoring

free website monitoring service
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October 30, 2014
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30 day money back guarantee
Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you will receive a full refund read more »

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Free Uptime Monitoring by ServiceUptime
ServiceUptime team is glad to provide you free website monitoring service and help you stay online all the time... Because your uptime is important to us.
Free Monitoring Service:
Free monitoring account includes one monitoring service (any port or service) checked every 30 minutes. Free account has all necessary features to keep the track of your website uptime and is limited in some advanced features and check frequency only. There is no limitations on worldwide locations so your service will be monitored from all over the world. All Premium detailed reports are also available for free monitoring accounts. No additional charges for using SMS notifications. Account lifetime statistics never deleted and available for the whole period of monitoring.

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Free Website Monitoring Service

Free Monitoring Account Signup
Free monitoring includes:
Over 10 monitoring locations +
Full range of services and ports (from webpage content to custom port) +
Summary statistics for the whole period of monitoring +
Account Lifetime Statistics never deleted +
Webpage content & Partner Link monitoring +
Uptime&Performance Reports Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly +
Public Statistics for One/Multiple Monitoring Services +
Ability to incorporate Public Statistics into your website layout +
Maintenance Schedulers to automatically suspend monitoring -
Custom Timeout -
Send email/SMS Alert after N number of failed checks -
Monitoring Frequency from 1 hour to 1 minute -
Custom Alert subject for up/down email notifications -
Instant Availability check to verify your website accesibility +
Ability to Reset statistics -
Ability to send test Email/SMS alert +
Multiple Email and SMS Alert Contacts -
Outage Double Check Technology to prevent false alerts +
Button with real uptime to be placed on the website +
LOGO Advertising. Upload your logo to be rotated on our website +
Ability to Disable monitoring for every single service +
Ability to set Custom Time Zone and Daylight Saving +
Detailed Monthly Report in your email +
Cheaper SMS Alert Messages -
Custom Company logo on Public Statistics -
Free Monitoring Account Signup

Premium Account:
If you need more functionality with your monitoring account such as multiple email contacts, send alert after N number of failed checks, scheduled maintenance, ability to reset statistics, etc. ServiceUptime offers Premium Service starting at just $4.95/mo and includes all premium monitoring features and advantages.
Premium Signup

There is unlimited number of email notifications. SMS notifications are available in 3 packages. SMS messages never expire.

Basic Package Number of Messages SMS (each) Package Price
SMS10 10 sms alerts $0.25 $2.50
SMS50 50 sms alerts $0.23 $11.50
SMS100 100 sms alerts $0.20 $20.00

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Monitoring FEATURES
- Worldwide Monitoring Stations
- Variable Monitoring Frequencies
- Alerts by Email or SMS
- Full Range of Monitoring ports
- No Software to Maintain / Install
- Uptime & Performance Stats
- Detailed Email Reports
- Lifetime Stats History
- WebPage/Link Check
- Multiple Public Statistics
- More features »
Multiple monitoring stations check the availability of your website at specified intervals... read more »
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