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October 31, 2014
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Why Monitor?

In today's information age competition, a smoothly operating Web site provides a distinct competitive advantage. On the Internet, the only hard currency is attention. A Web site that fails to deliver its content, either in a timely manner or at all, causes visitors to quickly lose interest, wasting the time and money invested in the web site development. Ensuring that all of the elements of a Web site are functioning properly is critical to maximizing a company Web investment. When the inevitable failures do occur, minimizing downtime reduces the impact of the problems. Failure of your Web site quickly sends your potential customers to the "just a click-away" competitor. One of the primary advantages of a Web site is its ability to reach customers around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A broken Web site does not fulfill that potential.

What is the advantage of the ServiceUptime monitoring service?

It is very important that your web site is accessible for your customers, users and visitors. A web site that is frequently inaccessible is likely to lose you business and destroy customer loyalty. provides a non-stop internet external monitoring. When there is a problem, you will be the first to know, so you can begin troubleshooting before your customers start calling you. Evaluate your Web Hosting company and require better service or select a better web-hosting provider.

  • 24x7 web site and its key components monitoring
  • Immediate notification of problems
  • Web-based real-time reports of historical data
  • Quick and accurate diagnosis of problems when they do occur
  • Requires zero capital investment
  • Instant set-up and immediate results
  • No software to install or maintain
  • No integration issues and no technology risk
  • Measures end-user perspective
  • No technical experience or training necessary
  • Scalable to meet growing enterprise and e-business demands

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Monitoring FEATURES
- Worldwide Monitoring Stations
- Variable Monitoring Frequencies
- Alerts by Email or SMS
- Full Range of Monitoring ports
- No Software to Maintain / Install
- Uptime & Performance Stats
- Detailed Email Reports
- Lifetime Stats History
- WebPage/Link Check
- Multiple Public Statistics
- More features »
Multiple monitoring stations check the availability of your website at specified intervals... read more »
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