Whenever your website becomes inaccessible or returns incorrect data ServiceUptime alerts you within seconds of the event via email or SMS.
Be notified instantly once your site becomes inaccessible!
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2095 downtimes detected within last 24 hours
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Free Website Monitoring Service

Get Notified When Your Website Goes Down!

ServiceUptime is remote website uptime monitoring designed to help you detect website downtime which can mean lost revenue and profits. The worst thing is users may never return to your website again if they experience difficulties opening your website. Register for free website monitoring account and take control over downtime today! Let ServiceUptime monitor your website 24/7/365 and alert you immediately upon your website accessibility, availability or performance problems.

Over 250 000 free website monitoring accounts



The monitoring frequency is how often your website is checked. You have the ability to monitor any service every 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. You choose the frequency of checks at your users control panel while setting up monitoring service.

Variety of
Contacts Supported

Upon service outage you can be notified by email and sms. Email notification is an alert with details of the service being down and the error it returns. SMS alert is a short notification sent to your cell phone with the status of monitoring service.

Variety of
Ports Monitored

All services/ports are available for Premium and Free monitoring accounts: Web Page, PING, Web Servers, Link Check, POP3 Servers, SMTP Servers, IMAP Servers, Download Servers, DNS Servers, DNS Lookup, MySQL servers, Custom Servers

What is the advantage of ServiceUptime monitoring?

  • 24x7 web site and its key components monitoring
  • Immediate notification of problems
  • Web-based real-time reports of historical data
  • Instant set-up and immediate results
  • Requires zero capital investment
  • Your website is monitored from outside of your network
  • Quick and accurate diagnosis of problems
  • No software to install or maintain
  • No integration issues and no technology risk
  • Measures end-user perspective
  • No technical experience or training necessary
  • Multiple SMS and email notifications

Website Monitoring Packages


$4.95per month
Pay yearly and get 2 months free

  • worldwide locations
  • variety of ports
  • up to 3 min checks*
  • up to 10 monitors*
  • sms/email notifications


$9.95per month
Pay yearly and get 2 months free

  • worldwide locations
  • variety of ports
  • up to 2 min checks*
  • up to 20 monitors*
  • sms/email notifications


$52.95per month
Pay yearly and get 2 months free

  • worldwide locations
  • variety of ports
  • up to every min checks*
  • up to 110 monitors*
  • sms/email notifications

The service that we used from ServiceUptime is outstanding! We have been very pleased with the service. Keep up the excellent work!

Stephanie M.

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